Kites I own and fly regularly

These are a few of the kites I own and fly regularly. Most of these kites are built for lighter winds, as that is what we get in Charlotte. When the wind gets rippin', I'll pull out the Lil Zedex, a Quadrifoil Jr, or sometimes a Jam Session; they handle the stronger winds better. The Lil Zedex gets really fast and almost out of control, but it doesn't pull much and is great fun! As I get more pictures of my other kites, I'll add them.

Click on each image for a larger view.  Note: Some of these images are pretty large so please be patient.

Peter Betancourt's Sport Kites: These are undoubtedly my most favorite kites for light winds. I have a Bad Boy 2 and a Wind Whip. Both are somewhat custom designs, really slight modifications of standard designs. Click here to go to Peter Betancourt Sportkites.

Wind Whip
Bad Boy 2 Wind Whip

Lil Zedex
MEFM Reverse Lollipop
Lil Zedex by R-kites
MEFM by Big Easy Kites

During the Summer of 1998, a group of Chinese artists and craftsmen exhibited their crafts in Discovery Place in Charlotte. One of those artists was Sun Lian Ming. Mr. Sun is a widely recognized kite artist, a member of the Beijing Popular Literature and Art Workers Society,  the Beijing Arts and Crafts Association and was a member of the Delegation of Chinese Literature and Art society to Australia in 1992. He has won awards for his kites in the Beijing Kites competition and the International Kites Competition in Hong Kong. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sun and now own two of his kites. They are displayed below.

Single Happy Kite
Double Happy Kite

Santa brought me these goodies in 1999. They were flown on Dec. 27th on Sand Key near Clearwater, FL.
Sun Oaks 12' delta
Sky Delight Toucan
This is a Sun Oaks 12 Delta in neon-rainbow. The tubes were made for the Tri-D on my homemade page. Joel Scholtz' Toucan is beautiful in the air. The Gomberg parachute wasn't exactly for Christmas but sure makes an impact.
The ray named Fay, of course.
Jumbo Dumbo always draws the kids
The Peter Lynn Manta Ray is also a favorite of mine. It's big, bold and puts a lot of color in the sky. I flew it at the Lake Park Kite Day in Charlotte and drew lots of kids. But the air toy that always gets the most attention is right next door =======>> These kids tried to catch Dumbo and giggled constantly trying. But when he came down and "squashed" them, the squeals of delight were worth it all. 

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